The Crow's Nest - October 29, 2019

Whatever happened to fall?  As I write this, I look out my windows watching snowflakes falling to the ground.  Housetops are covered with frost and the temperature is 25 degrees.  Bbrrr, it is cold outside with the wind whipping around.  The last few years it seems as if we have jumped from summer one day to winter the next.  I am sure everyone is aware we had an historic winter blizzard the second weekend in October.  At first it was rather fun watching the snow come down so thick and heavy.  As snowbanks started to accumulate the warm, cozy feeling seemed to dissipate.  We ended up with about 2 feet of snow.  As it melted it left water the likes of spring flooding.  The fields down by Grand Forks looked like lakes!

This weather has really taken its toll on the fields and the farmers.  Beans, beets, corn, potatoes and other plants are still in the ground.  The fields are so wet and muddy that it has been hard to even try to harvest the crops.  I feel so sorry for the men and women farmers who desperately want to finish up their fieldwork for the year.

Well, I did another dumb thing the other day.  Doing stupid things is really becoming normal for me.  So, let me begin.  It was a Wednesday afternoon and Chuck asked if I would come down to the Table of Knowledge for coffee (the ever-changing group meets there about 2:30 each afternoon).  I told him I would quit quilting and come.  I don’t drink afternoon coffee nor do I eat sweets, so I am not a very good customer.  I can take up a chair at the table though.  Anyway, I would put some lipstick on and comb my hair before leaving.  I’ve got this ball of sandpaper hair on top of my head.  It is wiry and full of cowlicks.  I always need to use some type of “product” (that is beauty shop lingo) to keep my hair in place.  I opened the jar, covered my fingers with product and ran my hands through my hair.  Hum, something was wrong.  Like big time wrong.  I discovered I had put face cream in my hair rather than hair stuff.  And dang it, the face cream was an expensive cream.  What a mess of goo I had.  Thank goodness my hair is short so a quick rinse under the faucet was all I needed to make things right and get to coffee on time.

College football is in full swing.  The NDSU Bison just keep winning and winning each weekend.  They have a very loyal following and are fun to watch.  The UND Fighting Hawks have pulled out some great wins also.  I’m a bit partial to UND because of family history of attending the “U” – 4 generations have graduated from there.  Fighting Sioux hockey has started so our weekends are planned out for us.

There was sad news when Dale Gemmill passed away last weekend.  Dale was 96 years old at the time of his death.  He was a delightful gentleman who loved to visit, attend functions in Edinburg.  In his later years he took up painting.  Many of his paintings are in people’s homes as he gave many away.  His funeral was yesterday with many coming to pay their respects.  It was a lovely service.

It won’t be long until my grandson and his girlfriend start wending their way back from Asia to America.  Their tour of teaching will be over.  They have been to places I have never even heard of as they travel all the time.  They plan to tour Europe before heading back to Minot.  I know Turkey was on their list of places to visit.  I really hope they will decide not to go there with all the turmoil taking place in that part of the world.

Have a great day and we will talk later.
































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October 29, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of Oklahoma - I discovered this in a pile of stuff I had saved - I believe this was sung by a group of guys at the UND Flickertail Follies way back in the 1950's)

Nort Dakota ver da snirt lies ticker den da sno, Vere behind each veed, you'll find a Svede, and the temp is forty-tree below!

Nort Dakota vere each night my honey-lamb and I, sit alone and veep, the meat von't keep, because ve're running out ov lye.

Ve know ve belong to da sod, ve are good old Nort Dakota clods---So, ven ve say der'l be no plowin' done today, ve're only saying "You're drying up Nort Dakota, by next veek you'll blow away!!!


snow-sweet peas

The sweet peas were still blooming through the snow.


score-video board

The new score-video board at "The Ralph" is humongous. Almost impossible to take your eyes off of it while sitting in the arena.