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bonnie=ballonns .evergreen tree
Bonnie Klein was showered with ballonns on her last day at the bank before leaving for Arizona for the winter.
Jackson and Taylor Hall hauled out a huge evergreen tree from the city park. The tree was brought down in a windstorm we had one day.

lunar eclipse



The lunar eclipse as we experienced a few weeks back. More of the equipment used when putting in new railroad ties along the tracks in town.


park center people
Ann Ellen Cole, Mark Gire and Linda Bailey were back "home" for their mother's funeral this past Monday.
Some of the people who worship at Park Center every other week during the summer. Shelby Loftsgard plays his accordian for each hymn.


Helen Sundvor, Jim Otto and Ina Spanier stayed very busy peeling apples for 52 apple pies.


More pictures of all the food for sale at Trinity's Annual Bake Sale and Soup and Sandwich.