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rachel mikayla.....
Rachel Jonasson's science project was on the effects of various beverages on tooth enamel.
Mikayla Fingarson is explaining her project on the effect of soil impaction on the growth of sativus tsphanus (radishes) to Chuck Mielke.
courtney rosemarie-kristian
Courtney Duff's science project was on factors that reference attitudes toward gay males and lesbian females. Kristian Myrdal is explaining science project to his grandmother, Rosemarie.

snow sidewalk

red bloomers
Just a bit of snow Blizzard Gigi left after her March 31st visit.
David and Loretta Monson had a new display in their yard last Sunday. There was a pair of huge red "bloomers" blowing in the breeze from high atop their flag pole. Wonder who hung them there? Any idea Carol Pewe?

tiber coulee

Tiber Coulee is so pretty now with the colorful foliage.

tiber coulee 1

Another great view of Tiber Coulee!