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city council .kranskake
The City Council initiated a citizen's meeting to discuss possible ways to keep a grocery store in town. Kranskake (Norwegian Wedding Cake) was being sold at the Hostfest. There were lots of people tasting pieces.

UND Group


poster dq

Here are the people who came to meet UND President Kennedy and his group that came to visit Edinburg. Love this poster on the wall of the gym at the high school!


children dancing
Judy and Richard Geir along with many others (Larry & Shelly Schuster, Paula Langerud, Shelly Sondeland, Sam & Debi Johnson) were at the community meeting regarding the grocery store.
Young children learned some scandinavian folk dances along with the chicken dance at the Hostfest.

mike s

Mike Spanier did his good deed for the day - he donated blood at the blood drive. Good job, Mike!



Lynette Langerud and Lois Otto spent part of the day registering people at the recent blood drive.