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ice skaters .st Patricks
The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center in NYC always had people skating and enjoying themselves. Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

madison square garden


saks window

What a fun place to be! The place was a "sea of green" when UND played Boston College in hockey.

The Christmas displays in store windows in NYC were magnificent. This is one of many at Saks 5th Avenue.


chuck & rita

christmas baking
Chuck and I enjoying a Starbucks while watching the skaters at Rockefeller Center.
The kitchen counter at the Community Center was laden with lots of Christmas baking for the community party.

mike s

Mike Spanier did his good deed for the day - he donated blood at the blood drive. Good job, Mike!



Lynette Langerud and Lois Otto spent part of the day registering people at the recent blood drive.