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mara bagpiper-citadel
Mara Jonasson was kind enough to pose alongside the autumn arrangement at Citizens State Bank.
This bagpiper played inside the Halifax Citadel - a national national historic site.
produce case wreathe
The produce case at Market on Main holds many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we need. Rose Denault made this patriotic wreath she has hanging on a wall down at the Fireside. Rosie is talented!

church in lunenburg

sign board
This church in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is the oldest Anglican Church in Canada. It was hit by lightening in the early 2000's, It burned to the ground and was re-built in 2007.
St John's Anglican Church was founded in 1733.


The church commissioned to have the stars painted on the ceiling exactly to their correct alignment in the heavens the night the church was hit by lightening.

church interior

This is the interior of St John's Anglican Church in Lunenburg.