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wayne-melvin .john evenson
Wayne Brandvold and Melvin Obie enjoying brunch. Brad and Darlene Hendrickson are in the background.
John Evenson looks a bit lonely all by himself in the booth. Truth be told there were many around him to visit with!




Bruce Langerud and LeRoy Pederson visit down at the "Table of Knowledge" the other day. Allyson Pewe sits by grandpa while he receives his gift from the fire department.


Cailtlin Evenson is busily getting food ready for the Bread Table. So nice to have "young blood" in our group!
Many people came to enjoy the brunch last Sunday.


Lemon tarts and banana-salted caramel shooters were part of the dessert scene.


Tami Larson, Joe & Karen Kertz, Paul Fingarson and Jacob Larson are seated at the brunch. In the background is Ken and Vicki Seim.