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vera-mary .david-helen
Vera Brandvold and Mary Langerud put the finishing touches on the pies. They bagged them up along with instructions for baking. David Monson and Helen Sundvor made the pies taste good with their secret mixture of sugar, cinnamon and other ingredients.

lefse day



Daughter Kris and a group of friends from Minot make dozens of lefses every year in a day long event. This year they used a friends newly renovated garage for the undertaking. A little more room than a kitchen!

Beverley Hammer shows off the finished product. Great Pies!

locker door

snow-air base

The locker is empty, but the door and keys remain. I remember as a child going into the grocery store to get meat.. I would get the key, then enter the freezing locker to find our drawer. I used to have nightmares about getting locked in the cold room.

Snow piled up along the boulevard driving into the Grand Forks Air Base. They accumulated close to 12 inches I was told.

white horse

Another picture painted by my talented daughter-in-law Nadine.

red trees

I think these colorful trees are so pretty. Taken down by the curves on Highway 9 heading east.